Classic Mode is the main part of the game in Your World. In classic mode, you can build things, and you can destroy things. It's entirely sandbox. You can make vast deserts, lakes, forests, villages, or really what ever you can imagine. The choice is all yours.

Ways of Destruction

These things will probably be your favorite things to make if your into destroying things. Some are more powerful than others. Some depend on chance, meaning they can hardly do anything, or can cause major damage depending on luck or the right conditions. Each is different, however they all share one common trait. They destroy things.

Living Things

This category consist of all living things within the game. There are many different living things within the game. There are people, and many different kinds of animals. Certain animals have different traits. Certain people also have different jobs as well.


All of the buildings and/or man-made things within the game. Such as walls, campfires, and houses.


This category consist of all of the biomes within the game, and their unique abilities/traits. Certain biomes can house certain animals or plants, while others cannot.


The "other" category is basically what this category is. This category is home to any object or thing that does not fall in one of the above listed categories. A good example would be boulders.


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