In Conquest mode, you must take over the enemy castle. You get one point for every enemy soldier dead. You must use these points to make troops/weapons in order to destroy the enemy castle.


Troops respawn at a slow pace, one by one. They play a big role, since they mainly go after other troops, meaning that they are a great way to make points. They go after other troops, and when all troops are gone, the castle. However, enemy troops are their priority. Troops can be made in pairs of 10 in exchange for points. The amount varies depending on the difficulty.


Tanks go straight for the castle. They move across the land bridge while shooting straight ahead in order to kill troops or damage the castle. Tanks stop right in front of the castle, and constantly shoot. They play a big role in destroying the enemy castle. Especially because once they are past the enemy cannons, they cannot be hit.


Ships cross over the water. They shoot as they do this. Ships play a small role, however, they are the cheapest thing to buy, and when they reach the other island, they drop of 2 troops, then disappear.


Cannons are the only thing free to use. Each side has 4. 2 up top, and 2 on the bottom. Cannons can play a great and helpful role if used correctly. They can be used to sink ships and blow up tanks before they even get near the castle. Once clicked on, they take a second or two to actually fire. Cannon balls have a chance to break one another. This means that one cannon ball can break the other, both may break, or neither may break upon impact.


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