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This is the official wiki for Your World, an indie game by Mike Recine. The game, although it's released already, is updated with new additions, edits, and bug fixes occasionally despite being released. This wiki will be finished when update 45 is released, because all in-game graphics will be changed, and a help tab will be added.


Your World is a unique indie game by Mike Recine, where the player plays as none other then God himself. What could be better than making and destroying whatever you want when you want to? You can make continents, forests, villages, and much more. You can also destroy things through the use of nukes, tornados, hurricanes, and more! When you're done playing classic mode, you can head on over to survival mode or conquest mode in order to have set goals. In survival, you must defend a small village from incoming hazards. In conquest, you must take over the enemy castle through the use of tanks, troops, ships and cannons.


Developer Homepage: Buy Your World:


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